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After getting home, the narrator hears faint meowing coming from his walkie-talkie, realizing the person in the house abducted Boxes.

It is later revealed that it was not his mother that had left the blanket and bowls in the crawlspace.

A week later, the narrator is walking back to the theater when he notices that a car with a cracked rear window is following him.

He meets Veronica at the theater and they watch the movie while he thinks about ways to kiss her.

Before leaving, he apologizes for not bringing the narrator a gift, and tells him he has an idea for a gift for his next birthday.

The narrator notes that this was the last time he ever saw Josh.

Penpal is told via a series of non-linear recollections by an anonymous narrator trying to make sense of mysterious events that happened to him during his childhood, the truth of which was kept from him by his mother all his life; As a young boy entering kindergarten, the narrator befriends another student named Josh, and the two become very close.

The narrator mentions that the school he attended was a school that had children "grow" using groups, such as Group Sky, Group Sea, Group Community, etc.

By the time he gets his photos, though, he goes home with 50.

Josh, meanwhile, has gone looking around the house and discovers a room filled with the narrator's clothes and covered with Polaroids of the narrator.

Someone enters the house and begins to chase Josh, who escapes with the narrator, but not before the person takes a picture of Josh and he drops his walkie-talkie.

Soon, the boys begin to realize they are being watched by an unseen figure in the woods. Her house is deemed a hazard zone and labeled for demolition. Knowing Boxes enjoyed hiding in the crawlspace beneath the house, the narrator ventures there only to find a pile of animal carcasses next to an old brown blanket and bowls of cat food.

Thinking his mother left them there for Boxes, he continues to search for his cat while talking to Josh over his walkie-talkie.

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