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Same with someone who insists on flirting with somebody who Here’s my statement on Martin Shkreli: I would (still) rather eat my own organs.

On the other side was a picture of a young woman with an older man, an email address and the words “Ask Me About Your Allowance”.He would also carry a bra pad as a conversation starter.When asked about his approach, Basaraba responded: “I would go up to a group of women of all ages — 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s — (and say), ‘Honey, I’m looking for my Cinderella.Still more will argue that it wouldn’t be creepy (or harassment or…) if Zac Efron was doing it. Creepiness is all about making someone feel unsafe.When people have reason to worry that you represent a threat to their safety, they’re going to get uncomfortable in your presence. A person who invades another person’s personal space in an unwelcome manner, for example, is showing a disregard for that person’s comfort.

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