Dating a bisexual man

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Im tired of the endless arguments and her crying thinking I don't love her or thinking I don't accept who she is. Just relax and be a little more confident in yourself. If you keep digging you could easily end up spoiling things for yourself... I often tell people that gender to me is like eye color - I love the person, not the parts - and if I am dating someone with brown eyes, I don't 'long' for someone with blue eyes - just as I don't long for a man when dating a woman, or long for a woman when dating a man!

2) what can I do to finally be with this ONE part of her? She will love being around you even more, and that will make you feel more insecure in the relationship. I seriously don't feel like a winny little snot who has no idea how lucky he is. If you love her for being all grown up and being the one who rings your bell, why question what makes her that special person?

There are also tricky things in being bisexual that most people don't have to think about.

For instance, when meeting new female friends, I often tell them I am bisexual as soon as possible, to avoid an uncomfortable situation later, if, say, we end up changing in front of each other when shopping, and then after they find out I am attracted to women too, they might feel violated in some way, and I would NEVER want to make someone uncomfortable, so I lay my cards on the table and let them make their decisions and decide their comfort level with me based on the truth of my attractions.

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