Dating after loss

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Therefore, there is a good chance that whatever you have in your medicine cabinet can impact your appetite and food preferences.Luckily, there is a lot you can do to compensate for changes in appetite and food preferences as you get older.On the other hand, the popcorn may make you feel fuller, but you’re not really giving your body a lot of nutrients.

However, when I was tested last year, the results showed I was deficient in vitamin C. As I age, I am constantly learning new things about my health.

It turns out there are many reasons why our appetites may change as we get older.

Reasons for a loss of appetite include: Almost everything about our bodies changes as we age.

Chronic diseases, especially, can change your appetite and food preferences over the longer term.

Most common chronic diseases among boomers are liver disease, diabetes, back or other pain, cancer and heart disease.

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