Dating stages 7 months

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Many people are surprised to learn that a majority of divorces are initiated by women. The fact that men are deeply affected by divorce, especially if they did not choose that solution, is not hard to understand.Myths persist that men are less in need of the comfort and support that a stable relationship provides but this is not the case.A high price is paid for that momentary sense of power; further isolation and often further despair.A greater toll is taken when the anger leads to a more complicated divorce or when children are exposed to the toxicity of a parent’s hostility.At the extreme, anger that leads to any type of physical aggression can cause legal trouble.Domestic violence rates increase during periods of separation.These include isolation, substance abuse, frantic seeking of a replacement partner, denial and an unwillingness to share grief with friends and family.

The message can be “I don’t have a problem, I can handle this fine on my own”.

One emotion our society does easily accept from men is anger, so it is often anger that we see in men, especially when they are in the presence of others.

Usually the intensity of the anger is related to the intensity of the (unexpressed) grief. It can cause men to say or do things that hurt the person who rejected them.

If there were major failings in the woman, why did he choose her and what about himself allowed him to stay?

Acceptance of his own role in this life calamity will help him to avoid problems with the next relationship.

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