Discoverer of carbon dating

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The longest translatable connected text was on the top cross band, left side: Revered, (may) I see Re in the sky and drink water from the pool [ ].

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This lack of the traditional deities strongly suggests that this coffin was probably fashioned during the reign of Akhenaton when many of the traditional deities were abandoned.

This occurred during or very close to the time of Tutankhamun.

Each coffin will be dated independently based on style, decoration, texts, i.e.

During the last two months the conservators have been hard at work removing resin off the KV-63 coffins in the hope of finding names and/or titles.

In the beginning stages of removing the resin off Coffin Es lid, it appeared we had the name of a woman, Btau or Butau, a fairly common womans name already in the Middle Kingdom and into the New Kingdom.

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