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However, over the course of a few days the build up testosterone and spunk was beginning to overpower me.

On the forth night of my personal challenge, as I laid in bed jacking off to no completion, I went on craigslist and looked up the personals for "man seeking man" there were hundred of ads from my area and I decided to create one of my own.

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Hello, My name is Jimmy and I am a college student in Southern California.His gym locker was right next to mine and every day after practice we would change side by side.Usually us water polo players change by wrapping our towels around our waste and take off our speedo underneath, however every now and then his towel would slip and I would grab a glimpse of his long thick 8in cut cock.I would thrust my finger to the pace of the fucking on the porno.This led me to thinking of the possibility of allowing another man to fuck me.

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