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The flooding smile: when meeting someone, don’t smile right away.Pause for a moment, then let a big flooding smile go over your mouth and eyes.These are further broken down into more specifics; eye contact, body language, handshakes, touching, working a room, chemistry, etc.I’d previously read Dale Carneige’s How to Win Friends and it was ok. That’s because Lowndes’ book uses more straight forward language, it uses real examples, and it’s more up to date.So if you have serious shyness and lack of confidence , this book is completely useless .And if you are already confident , you dont even need it .(Reviewed by The Self Help uk)Well , there is some good advice , but not sth you cannot find on the Internet or any magazine .

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A really great book about overcoming shyness and build your confidence around your surroundings.It also doesn’t come across as manipulative and seems to cater for everyone, instead of only business professionals, which is the feeling I got from Carneige’s book.The only downside is although I’d like to say I did all the exercises and made the promises, I didn’t.Simple exercises that can be done in our daily activities to Stamping Out Shyness.That's what Leil Lowndes pointed out in this books.

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