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If a Taurus woman tells you something other than "it's over" it means that she wants you to fight for her! We laugh all the time & we seem to balance each other very well. I'm a 27 year old Capricorn man who was with a Taurus woman for about five years. We have since split for about 3 years and well, looking back it was a gift and a curse (the split that is).

We were actually a real good match and had a lot in common and either way we looked at it....mad, sad, happy, or even glad.....still made up but I had my faults as she did, only she wasn't patient enough to see past those.

She seems hardheaded, when it comes down to opening herself up to me. I'm still on trust issues with her and I know I shouldn't be, but I always have my guard up. and cap is too aloof and cold to fill those senses.

the Taurus will fulfill themselves in other ways if you don't provide her the security and stability of you being there that she needs.

Every time I think 'ok, time to move on' he reappears. I think the only thing that has been maintaining my sanity is that I am an older woman, but, having said that possibly that is the problem too.

Taurus woman Capricorn man ten years difference is there a hope or is it a joke?

Our meeting was story book quality as well as our relationship and "alone" times. however it sucks when u are more emotional than ur gf..! =) I am a Taurus girl that have a man who is a Capricorn and I love him too death. If the relationship is ever going to reach the next level I have to meet him.. He is a good guy, but not passionate about physical contact as I am. He tells me when we argue it's prolongs the desire. Ya, at first it felt to good to be true, but his real colors have appeared. If you are a Capricorn man and you're interested in a Taurus, PLEASE DO NOT PUSH HER AWAY. It was her who said 'we aren't on the same wavelength'????????? We haven't know each other for long but it was seamless, we just knew each other.

Honesty, understanding, patience, sincerity, and kindness, with a good joke here and there makes for a lasting relationship between a Taurus woman and a Capricorn man, at least that's what we live by. we like to have everything present and are very in love with love, whereas caps are in a strongly built wall and wont express their love.I think that this relationship was a match made in heaven. I'm a Capricorn man, and been married to a Sagittarius woman for a few years now. Looking back over my life (I'm in my 40's), I see that my best romantic relationships have been with Taurus women.whenever we are together he makes me feel like im the only girl in the world, n his friends constantly yell me that im all he ever talks about. I can honestly say that a Capricorn Taurus relationship works I am a Taurus; I have married 2 Capricorns in the past. I am now seeing yet another Capricorn but his birthday is January 9. Also my best guy friend whom I have known from high school is Taurus. I am 41 yrs of age and he is 36 you would think it would be the other way around. Even before I was into astrology when I looked at him, or when he really opened up to me, I felt like I was looking and listening to myself.I am a Taurus gal interested in a Capricorn man much older than I am.He has this stoic quality about him but I get really frustrated with him because he is so hard to break.

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