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Sometimes you find poetry in the most unlikely places. Now known as "The Stop Girl," she was caught on camera at a college football game, coyly telling the cameraman to "stop!

This subreddit is dedicated to short You Tube clips (less than 14 seconds) that have a certain transcendental beauty. " and "BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK" are met with equally insightful comments like "BARK BARK BARK! " Since then, the Internet hasn't been able to live without her.

Thế nhưng, trong ngày đầu tiên đi học trở lại sau kỳ nghỉ xuân, một đợt không gian chấn giáng xuống thành phố.

Shidou, đi tìm em gái trong thiên tai, đã gặp gỡ một cô gái cầm trọng kiếm sau một cơn không gian chấn.

Newswire articles are shared, and comrades comment on them in praise of the "Dear Leader." Dissent is swiftly censored or deleted.

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Scott Robert Hansen, 37, pleaded guilty to three counts in a Brisbane court this week, admitting to possessing images of child sexual abuse and sending lewd pictures of himself to Sweetie.

People have been obsessed with cats long before the Internet. You don't know hardship until you've died of dysentery — Need to catch up on the latest news from North Korea? But this subreddit is a brilliant work of community satire.

The chat logs show that the man asked Sweetie if she'd ever seen a naked man before, before turning the camera on himself and performing a sexual act.

An anonymous operator tells BBC News that Hansen was "probably not the most serious, not even amongst the most serious" of predators he encountered during the sting.

But this community is all about the same GIF of one lovely lady.

Not sure why birds with Photoshopped human arms are so disturbing. Ever notice how people in infomercials are total idiots?

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