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They are real, they are here, and they are both home and prison to the women forced to work in them.Two wooden, hand-painted signs common in towns stuck with the "quaint" label, are posted just outside Powell Police Chief Gary Vest's offices.One points to the O'Shaughnessy Dam and High Street, the other to Columbus and Delaware-cities 17 and 11 miles away, respectively.

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That's partly because the Ohio Attorney General's Human Trafficking Commission lumps all human trafficking victims together, whether they were involved in the sex trade (Asian massage parlors, street prostitution) or the labor trade (nail salons).

"We can't tell you specifically how many people are forced into massage work or domestic servitude every year, because we know the women that work in those massage parlors are typically moved around frequently from massage parlor to massage parlor and city to city," Williamson says.

The commission estimates 783 foreign women are trafficked in Ohio every year, whether for an Asian massage parlor, a nail salon or other work. The commission came up with its figures for Ohio through forecasting models that estimate the size of the foreign human trafficking trade in the United States at large.

Less than a mile from quaint downtown Powell, the women were living in a storefront massage parlor. They bathed there, cooked there and slept on massage tables that by day were used for men who expected more than a shoulder rub.

As the January bust that shuttered Amsun Spa and others showed, Asian massage parlors are more than tasteless punch lines.

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