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Again, the main benefit of Deal News is the large number of deals they post every day. Woot ( ) Woot is an online store with a business model different than most.

It only sells one product per day at a reduced price.

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These seven sites were selected from hundreds of similar sites and are either the best of their kind, or offer a unique or special service. Fat Wallet ( ) If you should know about any one deal site, you should know about Fat Wallet.Fat Wallet also has a coupon / cash back section which has some deals, but the forum is really where all of the best deals are. Deals Plus ( ) Deals Plus is another great community driven money saving site that has an unusual but memorable domain name.Each of the deals on Deals Plus are submitted by its users.After signing up for a Mint account, you can add the checking, credit, investing, and savings accounts you want to keep track of.Mint allows you to see where your money goes in real time and makes budgeting a breeze.

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