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About 42 percent of those officials said what they found had a negative impact on prospective students.“For better or worse, social media has become an established factor in college admissions, and it’s more important than ever for applicants to make wise decisions,” Yariv Alpher, executive director of research at Kaplan Test Prep said.

(Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post) Students use the groups to share memes picking fun at college cliches, inside jokes and even standard student topics, such as textbook prices.

As the group’s popularity swelled, so did disputes and controversies that played out in exchanges between its members.

“Most of these fights fell in line with a discourse familiar to contemporary college campuses,” Tarpley Hitt wrote in the article in the student magazine, “with one side calling for increased moderation of posts which played into racial stereotypes or targeted marginalized groups, while the other championed freedom of expression.” One participant in the Harvard meme group posted a link Sunday to the news about the obscene meme exchange. One Twitter user who shared the story surmised: “Are these the first casualties of the college meme wars?

This spring, 2,056 students were invited to join Harvard’s incoming freshman class, drawing from a record number of applications — 39,506, according to a university news release.

Nearly 84 percent of the admitted students eventually chose to enroll at Harvard — the highest yield rate in several decades.

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