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2000--------250------7600's in 30-06 ------ Brown Laminated Stocks.2000--------250------7600's in 7mm-08 --- Brown Laminated Stocks. The gallery stamp is to the right of these and may be either one or two symbols or letters. 1994/95----700 ------7600's in 270 Winchester--Black Laminated Stocks. The magnaflux stamp is most often a symbol inside of a triangle and usually appears to the left of the proof mark, but also may appear to the right or below it. 1994/95-----75 ------7600's in 243 Winchester --Black Laminated Stock's.Specifications: Caliber: .380 auto Capacity: 6 1 Action: DAO Overall length: 5.27″ Barrel Length: 2.9″ Overall height: 3.86″ Pull weight: 8-9 lbs. Price: 7 (MSRP), about 0 street Ratings (out of five stars): Build quality: * * * * * Steel slide and barrel, metal frame.A solid, nicely executed deep conceal or backup gun. Overall: * * * * One star deducted for the RM380’s long trigger pull and fiddly takedown.I brought our RM380 sample to the range and fed it everything you see above — an assortment of rounds from cheap cheap range reloads to premium self-defense ammo. With its fixed, low profile, snag-free sights, the RM380 delivers minute of bad guy good terminal ballistics, which is all you need in a pocket gun.In all, I pulled the trigger more than 500 times on little gun. Rohrbaugh’s little pistols had a devoted following.

1998--------250------7600's in 7mm-08 ------ Satin Walnut Stock -- Enhanced Receiver.2001--------300 -----7600's in 35 REM ---- Synthetic Stocks.2001--------200------7600's in 35 REM Carbines -- Synthetic Stocks .It shot everything I threw at it — or into it — without complaint. Big Green’s version removes the defunct New York gun’s biggest (smallest?I fired the RM380 in about every position I could imagine. ) problem: the 200-round recoil spring replacement issue.

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