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"It sounds really happy, and it's really sort of sweet — poppy, chimey and light — even the lyrics seem like it's about something kind of nice," she said of the single. "When you're acting, especially if you have any bit of recognition, all you ever do is try not to talk about your personal life and that's all people want to talk about," Meester said. As much as it's about my specific circumstances, I try and put it into words that hopefully other people understand.

And you get that feeling when you go through something, especially when its painful, or good for that matter, but mostly painful — that nobody understands.

It's about just sort of tying your heartstrings off — not allowing yourself to be vulnerable." PHOTOS: Gossip Girl — then and now!

Now happily married to Adam Brody, Meester said the record was inspired by a split she endured years ago.

But now due to the fragile appearance in public, fans are suspecting they are no more a couple now. Have Margarita Levieva and Sebastian Stan broken up?

Fans are in a dilemma about their relationships and have the question in their mind why they are not seen together publically.

She is perfect in her professional life but is she perfect with her boyfriend?

Caption: Margarita and Sebastian having pleasure with eachother.

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He is one of the gifted actors and has passed his acting skills to his lovely daughter, Spencer Grammer.

She has no such multiple marriages issues in her life. Let’s find out the details: Spencer Grammer, an American actress, had previously dated Shawn Piller in 2007.

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