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Of those, 32 percent said that Second Life might die as a result because it might “cut new content creation to dangerous levels.” There was also a meeting of content creators yesterday, where the survey was discussed. There is also a lively discussion of the new terms on the Second Life Merchants Commerce Forum, SL Universe forums, on a Google Plus post by Shava Nerad, Creators that have pulled their content out of Second Life include Tuna Oddfellow and Shava Nerad, creators of the Odd Ball performance event.

“Oddfellow Studios has gone pitch dark, with nothing but a notecard giver with this essay on it,” Nerad wrote.

“Some musicians may choose to not perform, or be ordered not to perform in Second Life due to this policy,” said Kate Miranda, founder of Music Island Concerts, in a post to the Second Life Educators discussion list.

A survey of 100 Second Life content creators released today shows that more than half — 54 percent — are concerned enough that they have stopped uploading content to Second Life.

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It all started in mid-August, Linden Lab changed its terms of service, and forced users to agree to it in order to continue accessing Second Life.

“I encourage other creators to turn their sims dark too, nothing but black and a notecard giver explaining the new TOS and why we have left nothing behind but a protest.” Open Sim might benefit, as it has from other Linden Lab missteps in the past.

“We are emigrating into an Open Sim grid, joining Quadrapop and many others in an expat artist community,” she wrote.

The company said it contacted Linden Lab about the problem, but did not get a satisfactory explanation.

“We received only nameless, canned replies on how we could get a texture removed if we did not agree with it’s use,” CG Textures said.

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