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Most come from Uganda where, years ago, Evangelical Christians from America drummed up homophobia that culminated in arrests, public beatings and murders.In contrast to people fleeing places like South Sudan or Somalia, the majority of whom tend to be extremely poor, LGBT refugees come from all manner of circumstance.She is a lesbian but closeted.” One night Abby declines a friend’s invite to go out dancing with other LGBT friends, opting to attend church instead.But to her horror, she finds herself paralysed in the pews as the pastor preaches against the evils of homosexuality.But he says it’ll never be enough to feed all of them.“It’s just something to keep us busy.” Nelson fled here in January 2015.“Sometimes I think (I) am a curse.” “We’re looking for funds so we can shoot it as a short movie,” says Nelson, putting away his cell phone.But for now, he laments that his fellow gay refugees are stuck not just inside this house, but inside their own imaginations.

Having spent their entire lives hiding their sexuality – from their family, their teachers, their government – they arrive in Kenya only to discover they must hide themselves here, too.On a dusty road far from Nairobi’s city centre, a dozen young people – teens and twenty-somethings – live cooped up in a thinly furnished house. When a house meeting is called, bodies swiftly fill the only two sofas.They chat about chores and about who hasn’t paid rent.Called Homophobia in Church, it’s set in modern-day Kampala.The protagonist is Abby, “a beautiful young lady in her early twenties.

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