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Close proximity to him awakened the dormant desire in her to seduce and fornicate with a much younger man.

Her own hands reciprocated by wrapping around his athletic back, and rubbing his huge, hard crotch. If he had expected a response, what he got was even better. She knelt down and unbuckled his belt, his cock whipped out almost smacking her in the face. Whatever residual trepidations she had, however dissolved as she felt Roman's teenage cock swell even more in her mouth, and felt it breathing against her tongue.Roman paused for just a moment, drinking in the magic of her parted cheeks and the lust-thickened slick, and smiling lips of her sopping wet mature cunt.His cock jumped impatiently and he grasped it just to keep it still for his triumphal entry into her Eldorado of burning desire.She knew she shouldn't be doing something like that, but then naked lust was no kin of logic. He looked up from her palm, there was something different in his eyes this time; caught off guard and embarrassed, they first both looked away, and then they slowly turned back to look into each others eyes.Her simmering desire to get even with her husband only supplied the trigger. The smoldering exchange of lusty looks was palpable.

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