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Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner could land in the state Legislature — as namesake for proposed legislation to close a loophole in New York’s sexting with minors laws.

Dean Hart, a Long Island Democrat running for the state Assembly, called Friday for laws specifically dealing with salacious conversations between adults and minors via smartphone or the internet.

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A bill in the Senate expands the authorities' power to use wiretapping in cases that involve the Mann Act, obscenity, and sexting with a minor.Huma Abedin smiles day after new Anthony Weiner scandal revealed But the Daily Mail reported the sexually charged exchanges between Weiner and the teen began in January and went on for months.Weiner — who had previously used the pseudonym “Carlos Danger” during his raunchy ramblings — identified himself as “T Dog” with the Tar Heel teen.And that should concern you even if the plight of someone like O'Kimosh really doesn't, because pushing prison time above and beyond what's required for public safety and/or rehabilitation is how we exacerbate America's mass incarceration problem.Notably, O'Kibosh doesn't face child pornography charges.

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