Silkroad messgae server is updating

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The past few weeks development was really slow, sorry about that but we all have personal lives too : P In the future we'll try to dedicate more time to development, expect faster updates.We've still discussed some more ideas and you can see them taking shape on our to-do list, the major ones are unique and event tokens and shops.(He does, however, face murder-for-hire charges in a separate case in Baltimore.) In fact, the prosecution admitted in court that the purported victims of the Silk Road killings were never found, and that Canadian police couldn't even locate records for anyone with their names.(Ulbricht's defense attorneys declined WIRED's request for comment on the message log, saying they'll respond on the trial's closing arguments.)Even so, the prosecution took pains to read the entire conversation to the jury because it's intended to show them the darkest side of the Silk Road's short history. We've finally made a to-do list so that you can check what we're working on and see our progress.We'll try to keep the news page reserved for events or other major information, instead of using it as a change log.

It's a shame because he moved a fair amount of product.

We produce LSD/n Bome/Ketamine/MDMA/Meth/GHB and import cocaine and heroin in massive bulk amounts.

We have a lot of workers who run their own sub distribution networks for the streets, but if it is lucrative we are always looking to expand.

Here's the official to-do list: SROMANIA To-Do List Posted by Teh Dev We all love silkroad, but the game changed a lot when bots came into play, it's understandable tho, since the game really isn't worth playing without a bot. SROMANIA is meant to fix that problem and bring back the joy of playing. This means you are allowed to bot, but you won't get anywhere if you do so.

On the other hand, if you do quests, you have a lot to gain, and it also gives you a reason to actually play the game instead of leaving a program play on your character.

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