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M., and after riding for an hour, everyone was wide-awake and engaging in small talk. I left that class burdened to pray for my instructor, her son, and his female “stalker.” For days I kept thinking about what I’d heard — especially the reactions of these parents, women who were probably proponents of and participants in the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s.

You’re a Christian single woman called by Scripture to sexual purity and abstinence until marriage, living and working in a sex-saturated society during the week. You are a Christian, a woman, and a currently single adult.We really shouldn’t be surprised when we consider sex and the single woman in twenty-first-century American culture.There are only two portraits of the single woman in popular media.But for their children, technology introduced a darker, uglier dimension as first the home VCR and then the Internet made pornography easily accessible and even acceptable to some.This has had a profound, and perhaps unexpected, effect on young women that has not been ignored by feminists themselves. The downside is we’ve raised a generation of young women — and men — who don’t understand sexual ethics like: Don’t sleep with a married man; don’t sleep with a married woman; don’t embarrass people with whom you had a consensual sexual relationship.

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