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The number of reports involving the exploitation of mentally handicapped women has also increased, according to a report on human trafficking from Sweden's National Police Board (Rikspolisstyrelsen) released on Tuesday.

"Alarming," Kajsa Wahlberg of the police board told news agency TT.

While the Thai government is ramping up efforts to tackle poverty in Thailand, there have been calls for the curtailment of the sex trade in Bangkok and Pattaya but no one believes it will really happen.

There are hints that the sex trade in Thailand and Bangkok may well be waning.

But this may be because Thailand is surging economically.

However, for many women in Thailand, there is not yet an economic alternative to an industry which plays an invisible but vital role at the very bottom of Thai society.

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There were also examples in which the traffickers exploited the victims for several purposes.The exploited women involved were forced to undergo a voodoo ritual in their home countries, where they were intimidated into submission and repaying debts to the masterminds behind the ring.The police board estimates that about 50 Nigerian women were exploited in the sex trade in Sweden last year.Every night in Bangkok behind the neon scenes and the sounds of a bustling metropolis, hundreds of thousands of Thai women walk to work in the city's sex industry.Bangkok, although it does not have the biggest sex industry in the world or even Asia unfortunately has this name.

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