What is the website sls for hookups

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fling dating strategy, so I’ve updated this article to reflect my new method for pulling younger, hotter women instead of older women that you find on affair fling dating websites.

One of the things that really pissed me off about using fling websites for married people was that the women you find on those sites aren’t ULTRA hot.

Sometimes they’re too ashamed of the reason to be honest with you. If she’s reached this point, she’s beyond the, “I’m not sure if I should go through with this” stage. The reason it’s important to find this out is so you’ll know if she’s even worth it.

That’s good news for you because it means she’s going to be easy to hookup with. Some married women aren’t worth the time even if they’re attractive. One mistake I’ve made in the past is getting with a married chick that had too busy of a schedule for us to be able to hookup more than once a month.

The two main ones are Established Men and Meet Successful Men.

I called up a friend that’s very familiar with dating statistics and he told me Established Men has 3.5 : 1 women to man ratio, while Meet Successful Men stands at 3 :1.

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I found out recently that there are websites where “lower-middle class” women go to so they can be taken out and shown a good time.

This avoided me from getting to get stuck with a pre-paid room with no fling in sight. My friend have been able to replicate this exact method quite a few times using Established Men and Meet Successful Men. But there was something about knowing I was fucking some pathetic guy’s woman that seemed hot.

Have you ever fantasized about sleeping with a hot married chick? Unfortunately, I never really attempted to get with any married women mostly because I figured it was hard to pull off.

ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT TIP: In order to avoid flaky women cancelling on me at the last minute and being STUCK WITH A HOTEL ROOM, I would schedule 3 dates on the same day.

The girl I wanted to meet the most would be scheduled for PM and tad that she should “text me when she’d be on her way”. If I got a text from the first girl, I would cancel the two late dates under the pretext I had an emergency at home and needed to drive back home urgently.

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