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He is supposed to love her but it seems like he does since he leaves school for the weekend and spends it with her.Afterward, Bryson desperately tries to contact her, but Liz continues to ignore him.In "A Prom to Remember part 2", Sully shows that he wants to get Liz and Bryson together by distracting Bryson's date in order for them to have alone time.In season 2, Sully remains loyal to Liz and her relationship with Bryson.Once he finds out that she is dating Louis, he gets jealous and due to Sully exposing his feelings about Liz, he admits to Liz that he does in fact love her in the season 2 finale.Taylor Terri: A past sidekick for Cori Cooper, known as the "Queen of Mean".Elizabeth "Liz" Lee: The show's main character, is a girl from Burleson, Texas. She feels that in her town people are either stuck up or narrow minded.

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The show hints at Liz living in a small country-like town where her individuality is constantly threatened.In the Season 2 finale, Sully returns to New York finally admits his love for Liz in order for him to move on towards Marlene.However, Sully fails when Marlene "pulls the friend card." Bryson Gilreath: Liz's crush during season one, however, Bryson had a girlfriend.It was in New York when she met Louis, a possible boyfriend when Bryson was dishonest with her in "The Morning After".Colin "Sully" Sullivan: Liz's sidekick and best friend.

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