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Scott Heyward was with friends in Falinge Park in Rochdale when he was targeted by the group.

Russell Mayes, 31, was cycling along Bridgwater Road when two men pounced on him and pulled him from his bike. Thuvan Nguyen, 31, of Queens Road West, Upton Park, smashed a pint glass into the neck of Billy Gregory, 23, two weeks after an attack on another drinker. A0 Police are investigating whether a convicted terrorist managed to access any sensitive areas of the London Underground (LU) while working there.Police say they tried to use force, seemingly in an attempt to gain access to the rear of the building where cashiers were working behind a glass screen.No demands for money were made and no weapons were seen. A family meal at a New Malden restuarant took an unexpected turn when a total stranger walked in off the street and threw urine over diners and their food.Mr Coulson, 53, who lived in Beckton, was knifed near the Hudson Bay pub in Upton Lane at about 9.25pm. Father-of-three Naeem Qureshi, 45, appeared to be a respectable businessman running a mobile phone shop in Gants Hill - but he was secretly visiting Pakistan and the USA as part of his drugs business. TWO Sheffield counterfeiters involved in a multi-million pound fake goods racket were today jailed for a total of six years and nine months.Qureshi bought three homes - including one in Skeffington Road, East Ham - and splashed out on two Mercedes cars and a BMW. Lily Lee, a former Chairman of Sheffield's Chinese Community Forum, was jailed for four years and nine months and Aftab Aslam was given a two year sentence.

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